Picture Me … Sitting poolside at the  Four Seasons Aviara in Carlsbad, California –reflecting on my life in insurance. Has it really been 29 years? Where did the time go?

Watch Me Choke on My Drink … When I learn that Ihave paid in excess of $400,000 (Yes, there are five zeros) for personal insurance in my lifetime.

See Me Draw the Line … Enough is enough. It’s time to show you How to Beat Your Insurance Company Once and For All.

Introduction to How to Beat Your Insurance Company

That’s the short version. Here’s the backstory.

It’s July 2019. I am sitting poolside at the Four Seasons Aviara Resort in Carlsbad California, where my family has been coming every summer since 1998. My three sons learned to swim at these pools. This is the one place where we abandon all distractions and focus on family.

As a I sit here, the words of an old Bob Seger song echoes in my mind, ( paraphrased ) “29 years, where’d they go, I sit, and I wonder sometimes where they’ve gone.” I can’t help but feel grateful. Over the past 29years, the profession of insurance has provided so much for me and my family.

In the beginning, it was lean. I could have earned more as a fast food worker than I did as a startup insurance agent. Fortunately, hard work led to growth and the sale of my agency to a large national firm. At first, it was a wonderful boon, then it turned into a bust following the Great Recession.  

They say that into each life a little rain must fall, and that was certainly true for me. Just when I  thought I was at my lowest, I was pushed down further by a lawsuit seeking $1 billion in damages.

They also say that rain brings forth the flowers. And, for me, there were many blooming years too – years filled with buying insurance organizations, authoring my first book and watching it climb to Number 1 on Amazon, and growing my insurance agency, Rightsure, as a leader in the industry.

I am still sitting poolside, when the answer to an email query I released earlier in the day arrives in my inbox. The answer is a number that exceeds $400,000 and will surely surpass $500,000 in the next decade. This insanely high number Is how much I have personally paid for personal insurance in my lifetime!

In that reflective, poolside moment, that ridiculous dollar amount convinced me that the inspiration to write this book, could not be ignored. I realized that with 29 years of crazy insurance experiences, I’m uniquely qualified to help you win at insurance.

My passion for this industry, and all that she stands for, is great. I believe in the power of insurance, but I also believe in the power of people. I believe that when you know more, you manage better.

You’re surrendering an insane amount of cash for insurance protection. Shouldn’t you know – for sure – what to buy, when to buy it and why?

That’s what this book will teach you: How to Beat Your Insurance Company –Once and for All.

Ready? Let’s do this.

MY BOOK is now available on Amazon in paperback on kindle

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