The Art of the Insurance Deal

buying insurance — Agencies and companies

Buying or selling an insurance entity is not easy. But help is on the way!

In an industry presently experiencing a mass exodus of retiring business owners, Jeff Arnold, president of RightSure Insurance, is the perfect guide to walk potential sellers and buyers through the arcane, often bewildering process of brokerage acquisition.

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How to Beat Your Insurance Company

Jeff Arnold leads you through life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, annuities, and so much more.

In How to Beat Your Insurance Company, Jeff Arnold reveals his pro tips, cautions, and overall strategy on what we all need (and don’t need) when it comes to the various types of insurance we all might pay for (and pay for and pay for) over our lifetime.

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The RightSure Way

In his nearly thirty years as a leader in the insurance industry, Jeff has been involved in over 60 transactions involving the sale/purchase of agencies and companies. Renowned for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions (he pioneered new “deep diving” due diligence standards), Jeff has managed deals ranging from thousands of dollars to more than one hundred million dollars.

The Art of the Insurance Deal Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies THE RIGHTSURE WAY is a must-have book for today’s insurance agency buyers and sellers. Combining revealing anecdotes with a wealth of information Jeff tackles:

• agency valuation;
• tax implications for both seller and buyer;
• the impact of technology on the modern-day insurance business;
• the right ways to get an honest assessment of the marketplace;
• the intricacies of owning a niche agency;
— as well as many other aspects of what Jeff calls the “sexiest business in the world.”

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About the Author

The Basics

I am originally from a small town in Western Kentucky ( much smaller than you are thinking).

My family was a combination of Preachers, Farmers, and Career Military with a sprinkling of some new kind of thing called Entrepreneurs.

I am currently married to Laura Lee Arnold and  ” YES, I Over Married ” as she is much smarter than I. She is a stay at home Mom ( toughest job ever ) and we have four children ranging in age from 22 to 8.

More Background

My Career in the Insurance Joint Ventures Vertical started completely by accident. After  serving our wonderful nation in the United States Army, I pursued Drama & Acting and was returning from Hollywood ( North Hollywood NOT The Glamorous Part You Are Thinking About ) to visit my Mom in Tucson Arizona.     Read More...

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